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Lucid by Stubbs



4 January 2016 at 09:29:29 MST

Leapord gecko/Bearded dragon hybrid

1000+ y/o
Voke Mutation - 3rd Type


Southern accent
"y'all need to chill"
Body guard of the family
Really relaxed unless provoked


Lucid is a Christian, heterosexual, brawler. He is completely sober unlike the rest of the gang. Doesn't even drink.

He's been alive for over a century. He has a genetic mutation that allows him to regrow limbs and easily heal/kill people with his bare hands (though he keeps it dormant so people won't find out). However, every time he heals someone, he loses some memory of his past. He cannot recall big events or even his family.

Due to his mutation, Lucid is practically immortal. The only way he can die is if he kills himself through suicide, which is against his beliefs. He still holds on to his religion even though he may never see heaven.

Lucid likes rap, classic rock, and alternative music. He enjoys participating in fight clubs. He also enjoys reading and watching TV.

Although Lucid is straight-edge (sober) he doesn't mind his friends doing drugs. It's only his personal decision (he would even roll the blunts sometimes though he doesn't smoke it). Sometimes he has to mediate the gang because they get into fights.

He's part of the family that involves Stubbs, Relik, and Inert.

[Things he doesn't want people to know]

• He sometimes eats bugs out of feral instincts
• He watches chickflics sometimes
• Inside, he's very loving and caring
• He's 1000+ years old and has the power to heal any illness (including cancer and blindness). He's afraid people will think he's a god or a something holy/unholy.
• He fights in illegal underground cage matches that usually are fight-to-the-death type deals. He gets a lot of cash because of this. He's basically undefeated.


Lucid is a mysterious character. Even to himself. He's unsure where he was born and who is family is. He was born with the most rare type of Voke mutation - Type 3. Because of this, its made him live seemingly forever and allowed him to have the strongest type of healing and harming powers with just his bare hands. The mutation makes him physically glow when he uses his powers. He believes this to be either a curse, or a blessing.

Since he is unsure where he was born, he's been a nomad all his life, traveling from one place to another. The most vivid memory is when he got into a bar fight in Arizona in 1879. He's picked up the accent from there and still uses it to this day.

Although he can't remember much, is can recall glimpses of living with the first Indians in the 1600's. He's sometimes has vivid dreams of being in a Roman arena fighting for his life. He is unsure if this is just a dream, or memories.

He first encountered Stubbs in Arizona in 2010. Lucid thought he was a good kid and occasionally told him stories about earlier years. At this time, Stubbs didn't realize they were memories. It was only recently Lucid admitted to him that he's been alive for over a millennium. Stubbs didn't have trouble believing considering Lucid's never lied to him before. They bonded more once Stubbs got older.

After a few years in Arizona with Stubbs, he moved to Utah where he found his faith. He lost contact with Stubbs and only recently got back in touch with him. Stubbs at this time lived in Seattle with his other friend, Inert, and invited him to join them. He agreed and the three lived together as a family. Lucid's new family.

Lucid tries not to think about his immortality. He's afraid of the thought of watching his new family grow older while he's still young and alive. He's dreads to watch them die and he's still stuck alive. He's found a family and he doesn't want to lose them. But he knows its only temporary. He tries not to think about that.

He loves his family but he keeps it low key.

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