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Ceryl (Sahash)


11 November 2015 at 08:53:34 MST

Ceryl (Sahash)

Ceryl the sahash, drawn by personal-favourites Lingrimm!

Sahash are a people that live in Shang-La, one of Lingrimm's settings. If you'd like to know more about them, you should check out information about them here! They're a closed species, and Lingrimm's been more than kind enough to let Ceryl into their world.

Ceryl is, and will always be, an adventurer. The sahash isn't much different from the sergal, selling his skills to those with coin. He's a member of the "Magpies", which is less of a formal organization and more a loose ideal and network of mercenaries coming from the country of Beyleria. Rough around more than the edges, Beyleria's a land where paying mercenaries doesn't carry the stigma more civilized lands might. Novices work for little more than room-and-board, while legendary magpies are known throughout the country.

Ceryl's somewhere in the middle.

As always, Ceryl's bread-and-butter is in hunting and tracking. A little thieving on the side, sure, but here he wields a sword more frequently, as demonstrated by 1. the bastard sword in the ref and 2. his much more physical build.

Don't worry though, Ceryl's still the same loveable jerk he's always been. More concerned with honour than dignity, and always happy to take opportunities where they come.

Will we see more of him? I'm a huge fan of Shang-La, so you can count on it! Follow Lingrimm's comic Asomatous for more of the world, and make sure to back them on Patreon too!

(Sahash are (c) Lingrimm, and as mentioned earlier, are a closed species. Please respect the creators!)

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