Chloe Mizaki V2 2015 by Sueboo

Chloe Mizaki V2 2015


24 April 2015 at 00:46:24 MDT

Chloe Mizaki V2 2015
4 11
90 lbs
Feline - Cat (House cat type)

I would like to give you all a updated ref of my lovely kitty Chloe.
Thanks to AzzieWorks!

So this is the new 2015 refsheet for my Chloe.

(Info from other refs.)

Her favorite colors kawaii, but she also loves pink.

Full Name: Chloe Mizaki

Gender: Female

Age: (Can shift age.)

Species: Cat - Feline ( House type of cat. )

Clothing: She is kawaii-styled when it comes to clothing, Anything from rainbow and pinks, different types of kawaii colors. As for the clothing, She loves knee-high socks and they'd mix match or match, depending outfits. Gloves and arm-warmers that match the clothing or mix matched as well. Hair-bows of different colors and styles, As well as the bow she'd wear on her tail. She loves anything cute, like skirts, T-shirts and sweaters, Shorts, Trousers and pants.. PJ's... Animal clothing, Hoodies and cute little bra/panties.. Hello kitty stuff, just anything that would make someone Awwwwh!

Hair: She has an long straight hair-style, Ends mid past shoulders towards back, Dark pinkish with styled over bangs that hang around eyes face, Pastel rainbow colors for bangs and front part the hangs down towards her chest. Usually wears in piggy-tails, up do messy, or down.

Markings: Starting with ears, Tip of ears are dipped marking with a light white pink, Inside of her ears is a pinkish color, Face she has pinkish freckles around under part of eyes and above nose that meets with her face freckles. Pinkish light color marking that shows in ref. Eye-lid markings is rainbow pastel colors that looks like eye-shadow but is markings. Down below, Chest fluff is a light pink as face marking that turns into a rainbow pastel of colors down stomach and pelvic area. Tips of hands, her fingers are light pinkish dipped colors like face and chest fluff, Same with tips of her toes. Tail is dipped with an Rainbow Pastel color as shown.

Naughty bits: Light pink nipples, And light pink pussy etc. She has cute round nipples, A cute small tight pussy. (SORRY if that is way much info.)

Eyes: Are as shown, Curious cute gaze with thick black eye-lashes and eye-liner. Eye colors start out light pink then brownish pink, pupils black.

Face: She has a cute house cat face, She smiles a lot, only frowns when upset. Pink button feline nose and pink mouth, Three white whiskers on both cheek. Also her pink freckles as mentioned above and shown in ref. She has a short feline muzzle.

Body shape: Lovely form Small, but has curves in places that need it.

Weaknesses: Being yelled at, or bullied.

Personality: Curious, Hyper, Silly, Shy, Cutesy.

Likes: Kawaii things like colors/clothing, Candy-Sweets, Plushies(Mainly her plush hippo.), Getting into trouble or curiously exploring places she shouldn't.

Dislikes: Bullies, Being pushed around and anyone that takes her plush.

Dominant or Submissive: Submissive.. Not dom..

Other infos: She always carries around her plush hippo!

Character sueboo
Art/Ref by AzzieWorks AzzieWorks

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