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Volcan MacAingeal

27 March 2015 at 05:59:01 MDT

5'11 Normal, 7'2 Aiuran
171lbs Normal, 598lbs Aiuran

Picture by Crocdragon89

Better known as Buniq the Orphan, raised by an Inuit tribe of the Nunavut Territories, Buniq does not know her true heritage; she was orphaned as an infant, found nearly frozen to death by her adoptive father Adlartok. Being of a kind soul, the Inuit man took her into raise as his own, and gave her the name Buniq, literally meaning 'Sweet Daughter' in the language of the Inuit. As a member of the tribe, she was raised to live off of the land, adapting to life in the wilds very quickly -almost frighteningly so, as though she had this deep predatory instinct that even for her species was uncommon.

This came to light around her early pre-teen year, when she underwent her first transformation into a Werecat, under the light of the full moon, its glow setting off her transformation now that she was mature enough to undergo it. She hunted all through the night, and woke up at home with her father uttering a curse at the sight of her; she was naked and covered in blood that did not belong to her -and thankfully not to any person. It was then they knew what she really was... but despite this, Adlartok, having grown so fond of Buniq as his daughter, did not force her to leave the tribe. Instead, he helped her learn to control the transformation, teaching her shamanistic methods of communicating with spirits that allowed her to genuinely communicate with her other side, and through this she gained the ability to transform at will, and can still communicate even in Aiuranthropic form, though her voice becomes deep and sometimes harder to understand.

Her life took a turn for the worse when a stranger was found washed up on the shores near her home; a wolf woman with eyes like rubies, who claimed she did not remember who she was, and was brought under the care of the tribe after being found by fishermen, temporarily giving her the name of "Assiminik' -a testament to her zealous nature as it literally meant just that, as when she pursued something she did it with zeal often found in one fighting for beliefs. They were all of them, deceived, however; Assiminik was fully aware of who she was, and under the nose of every person in the tribe, she was bedding several of the men, infecting them with her plague until she made her move, revealing herself as a Werewolf, and slaughtered most of the tribe -including Buniq's father.

Taking the reins of leadership, Buniq fled with whomsoever survived the attack, taking them away from the village. But as mortals they would never escape, so she gave them a choice; revealing her true nature to them, she offered to turn all of them into werecats, as it was their only chance to escape. Those who refused were swiftly chased down by Assiminik's ever-growing numbers of lycanthropes, those who accepted escaped with her, and they fled across the territories before reaching the Yukon, forming a new tribe in the mountains...

Buniq did not appear in Arc 1 or Arc 2: Threat of the I.T.O.U.E

Arc 3: The Overlords

Buniq maintained leadership of her tribe, but Assiminik would not leave them in peace, tracking them all the way to the mountains over the course of five years. But there, she met the Os-Nadarra Sentinels, led by Vinge

Buniq joined the Os-Nadarra at the battle of Dawson City, lending her strength and that of twenty other werecats to the town's defense. She also found herself temporary leader of the team when Vinge was incapacitated building a wall around the town. After an air strike by the elite pilots of the Canadian air force wiped out most of the werewolves, Buniq went one-on-one against Assiminik herself; the werewolf was enraged by the loss of her pack, her anger making her strong but unfocused, and soon Buniq was able to defeat her. Before the final blow could be struck, however, Calhoun arrived and seized Assiminik, escaping with her

She also lended her tracking skills to Obsidian in finding the Naga, Rovdyr, and was present at the defense of Unity Falls against The Overlords, where she once again found herself temporary leader of the team, working alongside Brent, and honorary members Rikyuu and Ayane, as well as the UFPD.

Arc 4: Sons of Kleetra

Buniq first met Korban and Kieran outside of Tsume's apartment, when they arrived looking for Volcan. When they attempted to kill Volcan, Buniq was the first one to respond, putting herself between them and their target and even driving off Kieran herself, with some help from Pavan.

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