Lighris Skilerain by Volcan MacAingeal

Lighris Skilerain

Volcan MacAingeal

27 March 2015 at 05:39:26 MDT

Lighris Skilerain
Lightning Hawk/Thunder Phoenix

Os-Nadarra Sentinels
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The elder brother of Volcan, Lighris was born to the same parents as Volcan was, which were a Lightning Hawk and a Fire Phoenix. But, as Lightning and Fire are not compatible elements, the two were not born hybrids. However, their mixed blood has granted both of them resistance to the other element; Lighris wields lightning but has a strong resistance to fire and heat. Lighris also has an unusually high capacity of elemental essence for someone of his size and age; among the five phoenixes of the Os-Nadarra, Lighris' elemental powers are the most potent, able to generate several hundred amps of electricity in a single blast, although he sometimes has difficulty controlling his output, which can exhaust him quickly, and lightning is notoriously difficult to aim. That said, he also has the innate ability to magnetize conductive metals such as steel, copper, nickel or iron.

Lighris has had the same training as Volcan; he is equally skilled as his brother in Celtic Swordplay, Scottish Backhold Wrestling and Canadian Army CQC training, but Lighris went the extra mile and also took boxing lessons from Tristan, as he prefers to fight with his fists. His favorite weapons are a pair of custom-made cestus gloves made of tempered steel, which he can charge with electricity to make his punches more damaging, or magnetize the material to catch, disarm or repel enemy weapons, making him lethal at all ranges. However, he's reckless and believes himself the toughest person in all of Canada, which has more often than not been his downfall, and besides his electrically-charged body, he has no superhumanoid traits beyond the telescopic vision inherent to his species.

Lighris works as a mechanic in Unity Falls, running his own shop in the industrial district; his primary clientele are industrial workers with their work trucks, but he also specializes in older vehicles, able to get a derelict 50's car purring like a kitten within a week -depending on how long it takes to get the parts. He hates, however, working on vans, as he finds he has to take the entire engine apart just to access the areas that usually need fixing. On his off-days he spends most of his time at home, working on personal projects. He has a bad smoking habit, and often wastes money on stuff he doesn't need, such as higher quality machine components, excess tools and takeout. This has led to a poor diet which you would believe would give him less stamina, but through sheer tenacity and the inability to accept defeat, Lighris will push through a fight until he burns out.

Arc 1: (Under development)

Lighris assisted Volcan in a few conflicts during the Gang Wars, mostly wrecking getaway cars and beating up the henchmen of the crime bosses, but he never took on any of those said bosses himself.

Arc 2: Threat of the I.T.O.U.E

Lighris helped at the Airstrip Ambush, and played a key role, knocking one of the I.T.O.U.E VTOL airships, called 'Retrievers', out of the sky with a lightning bolt, and also destroyed a cyborg single-handedly. However his powers would prove ineffective against the Cyber Wyvern, as they fizzed out when they reached the disruption field protecting the machine, leaving him all but helpless in the battle.

Arc 3: The Overlords

Lighris was present during the attempted exorcism of Calhoun that separated him from Volcan, and upon its conclusion attempted to attack Izrail and his agent, Akatsuki out of protective instinct, believing them attempting to hurt his brother, but he was practically thrown aside by the Demigod, and finally heard the true story

Lighris accompanied Vinge to the Yukon to investigate the disappearances in the wilderness, and was instrumental in the defense of Dawson City. He taunted the werewolves led by Assiminik from atop the wall, angering them and forcing them to break the organized ranks which Assiminik mustered, and thanks to the widespread power of his lightning attacks, Lighris killed more werewolves at a time than the others could manage.

After Calhoun single-handedly bested the Os-Nadarra phoenixes, Lighris intervened on the dark phoenixes' attempt to kill his brother. All odds were stacked against Lighris in the battle, as Calhoun, being a duplicate of Volcan, shared the younger phoenixes' resistance to lightning, as well as being demonic in nature allowed him to actually feed on Lighris' rage to fuel himself, but even with these seemingly overwhelming advantages, Lighris defeated Calhoun, beating him to within an inch of his life before the black phoenix escaped.

Arc 4: Sons of Kleetra

Korban approached Lighris at his shop, posing as a fan of Volcan's work he successfully tricked Lighris into telling him how to find Volcan. When the two met again later, Lighris punched Korban so hard across the face it nearly rendered the immortal husky unconscious -he likely would have continued if not for the other Os-Nadarra informing him that Korban had joined their side...

(Stories still under development)

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