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Fuine Mac'Harda


28 November 2014 at 20:54:25 MST

Fuine Mac'Harda
146 lbs.
Drow Elf

Fuine was born in the harsh country of Ban'Urne, to parents had been transported there. (Ban'Urne can be likened to Ravenloft). He was born under the name Kay, as his father was a locksmith. When he became an adventurer, he changed his name.

When Fuine was quite young (early twenties, which is early teens for an elf), he fell deeply in love with a human woman. Unfortuately that woman was married and thought that the elf's attentions were a laughable. Her husband was a knife fighter, so to prove himself a man, Fuine trained and challenged him in the ring. He lost, terribly, and has both a scar on his face and a chunk out of his right ear to prove it. In time, with more training, Fuine did win and became a notable knife fighter. The woman, after her husband had been beaten, began to flirt with Fuine but he was no longer interested. Because of this even in his life, he is of the opinion that all children should just grow up and that all women are fickle liars.

Fuine has killed only once in the knife fighting ring, because the healer didn't get to the person in time. He has since killed a number of people, some of which are because of his worship of Lolth.

When Fuine was very young, he had a small cat named Snow. It was a nearly completely white kitten with one gray paw. He fed the cat and cared for it as best he could short of bringing it home. One day, it just didn't come around anymore and he never found it despite his searching. It was one of the biggest losses of his life.

After getting some of his fill of knife fighting, Fuine took his show on the road, so to speak. Wanting to travel and see the outside world, he began traveling with a troupe of Shadow Dancers. He generally pickpockets the crowd while they perform, and this was how he met his future wife, Cinnamon.

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