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28 August 2014 at 11:37:42 MDT


It just occurred to me that I only posted her plush ref here, and not her original "form", so here she is.

  • Thick form. Curvy/strong.
  • Third eye, which is horizontal like her other eyes.
  • Long, messy, tangled, sometimes dreadlocked hair that is often filled with dead leaves, twigs, bugs, moss, etc.
  • Lots of long, flowing fur, especially on tail.
  • Swirl on -right- cheek, 3 dots on -left- cheek.
  • Always wears eyeball collar & engagement ring.
  • Big cat-like face/muzzle shape (similar to a lioness).
  • Mouth, tongue, eyelid skin, nose, pawpads, inner ears, etc. are fleshy pink with faded dark purple mottling.
  • Can be drawn more monstery/mutated.
  • Her markings contain rings of algae similar to the type found on sloths. It contains bacteria which non-parasitic insects like to nibble on.
  • Her horns can be just about any shape. Base is always different hues of green, but could be painted some other color or pattern, or have carvings or jewelry decorating them.
  • Her tail doesn't have to be drawn 3x the length of her body, it's just a general rule of her species. Langurhali have very retractable or expandable vertebrae, sort-of like a soil centipede's segments, so the length can vary. Generally, when active, it is more retracted, and while relaxed, it usually is shown in its full length.
  • Belly nipples are optional but preferred if stomach is visible. Top breasts are smooth.
  • She is polyfidelitous/pansexual. She can be drawn in romantic/suggestive situations only with her fiance Pneumo, or her girlfriend, Snjolaug.

Quiet and reserved, but can be spontaneous, adventurous and animated at times. Observant of the little things, very self-aware, loyal, outdoorsy, easily contented, never bored, but can be fairly boring for certain types to be around. A poor runner but a great climber. An introvert, if for no other reason, her love of peace & quiet. Loves companionship, but doesn't require it to be happy. A bit clumsy and spacey at times.

Blargh. I forgot to add the green tips to her ears in the back image. Oh well

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    Still as gorgeous as ever, Vera is!

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    my favorite giant kitty monster :'D

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    I love how the design ends up being baroque rather than pointlessly busy - so many rich details, such a sense of presence.

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      I'm glad you think so! I try to keep her from being intimidatingly overcomplicated to other artists, I have trouble remembering her details myself sometimes lol.