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Hernever the Jaegertinger


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Hernever the Jaegertinger

Hernever is a broad mixture of creatures and all of which adept to his/her environment; Fox shaped head with the jaw of a wolf; Bear like front limbs and red stag hind legs. Many dull brown tones cover their body, marked simply with fawn spots on the back and rear. Hernever fashions the skull of a Red stag along with a rib cage affixed to the chest, acting as an additional protective barrier. Between linings of his rear fur, he hordes Blue jay feathers as well as collection of white roses within his mane and ivy around his antlers and tail. As an anthropomorphic biped, they stand at roughly 7'4", towering over the meagre feral height of 6'7". They are able to change formation at will.

It is known that Jaegertingers have interests in small inanimate objects, especially that of fossils, remains of the dead and various foliage. Among Hernever's love for feathers, he avidly collects small bones and moss that they use to decorate their place of rest. What has also been noted is their affiliation with rune carvings and the use of them as shamanistic wards with certain magical properties that remains a mystery to that of human science.

These runes are specifically the Old norse (Proto Norse/Runo) runic alphabet which displays there Germanic language among mixtures of Latin variants. The old norse alphabet were used to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet. The earliest runic inscriptions can date back from around 150AD.

Jaegertingers of course have their own adaptation on the language which has a strong mixture of German and eastern dialects. Hernever however, has alternative methods of conversation as well as their own means of protection which shall be explained.

According to the knowledge that we know about the Jaegertingers from the most recent Field Journal, It is said that Hernever originated from a time where a certain english folklore was acknowledged.
In English folklore, Herne the Hunter was said to be a ghost associated with the Winsor Forest in the English county of Berkshire. The Man was said to have adorned a pair of mighty antlers and rode a devilish stead. There are several theories that are connected to this character and attempted ideas of the whereabouts of the origins of Herne as pre-dating evidence suggests his appearance to be that of Pagan deities and ancient archetypes.

(quoting online source)

"For such an iconic figure, there is surprisingly little written evidence for Herne the Hunter before the 1840s.
Shakespeare as the earliest source merely describes Herne the Hunter as "a spirit" and "sometime a keeper … in Windsor forest" who is seen to "walk round about an oak, with great ragg’d horns" at midnight during winter-time.
Two hundred years later in 1792 Samuel Ireland slightly expands on Shakespeare as follows: “The story of this Herne, who was keeper in the forest in the time of Elizabeth, runs thus: – That having committed some great offence, for which he feared to lose his situation and fall into disgrace, he was induced to hang himself on this tree.”

(quote close)

"That having committed some great offence, for which he feared to lose his situation and fall into disgrace, he was induced to hang himself on this tree." Quote from the text.

Part of this is indeed correct but the last part of this information is simply a deterrent which covers up a valuable truth noone believed could exist.

In the years which the hunter was "alive" it was said that during his service he stumbled upon a deer. The stag was of abnormal size and its presence had cast the Forest silent. The hunter as taken aback as he was shot the stag and noticed the Forest had begun to decay. Shocked by his actions and what had started to take place the hunter became scared and ran away from the scene to a great oak. The man was overwhelmed with grief as he new something wasn't right. Unknowing to his mistake, the hunter cried without hesitation, wondering what on earth could have come over him. During this moment the Forest became lifeless and this brought upon a second happening. A beast of enormous size approached the Hunter and delivered itself and its intentions.

It was said that the great Kitsune, later to be known as Outputt the first and creator of the Jaegertingers, had been summoned by the chaos and with it told the Hunter that he had a choice, a choice that would determine the outcome of the world as we know it. The large kitsune adorning the skull of a deer with many mutations, spoke to the human in a dialect he could understand. She told the man that the stag he had killed had been the protector of the forest, a god of nature typically taking the form of a deer.

The god could take make forms and used its presence to protect forests from corruption; As a god the deity is able to pour life into their surroundings throughthe use of what we humans might call magic.

The corruption caused by the hunter had not only dissolved the protection of nature, it had unleashed the power of the dormant evil which was that of the Schanppen Crachans, causing the world to go through a state of imbalance which could remain terminal.

The Hunter as distressed as he was told the Kitsune that he would gladly help in any way he could even if it meant losing his life. He new the consequence and begged the creature to allow him to partake in reviving the worlds nature. The Kitsune felt the grief of the human and dispite her doubts told the hunter he could redeem himself by becoming the knew guardian of nature and keeper of the forests. This however came with a great price; the hunter must lose his human connection and live on as a fellow Jaegertinger.

Herne lost his human form and in reincarnation became what we now know as the God and saviour, Hernever. Hernever has no knowledge of his human existence, only understanding what their role is and what they are now. They know that their purpose was due to a calamity; that their existence was brought to quell the chaos.

Upon his head is the stag skull that once belonged to the great god before him which he had killed in his human past life. It is a symbol of new beginning and of course the ever present feature the all Jaegertingers share. The White roses had said to have grown where the stag decayed and became part of the earth; Hernever chose to fashion these within his fur as yet another symbol of his rein as the God of the Forest.

With his reincarnation not only does he of course posses the abilities of his predecessor, he has his reborn abilities as a Jaegertinger. He has the ability to carve runes into anything his claws happen upon, namingly the typical use of rounded stones and bark upon trees. Most symbols which he carves promote spell casting barriers, protection and luck charms, some of which aid his strength depending on the variety he holds around his neck and his surroundings. He often appears to wear runes dangling from ivy which are wrapped around his antlers and fur.
Hernever unlike most Jaegertingers, chooses to speak through telepathy especially to humans and other species. To his fellow Brethren he tends to speak aloud or through this method of communication.

Other information provided by the species creator:

Crachans are life sapping daemons, who are plaguing the lands, Jaegertinger's mortal enemies. Crachans are the only things known to be able to kill tingers, they destroy natural habitats and don't do much good to living creatures, they have a noxious, toxin like spore/smoke that pours from them.


Hernever is a collaborative effort of my ideas and Katie's beautiful work. Together we have made some great creative ideas that I hope will pave the way for the future of Jaegertingers.

Jaegertingers are a CLOSED species, created solely Outputt/Katie Hampson. If you are interested in the species or want to learn more, please feel free to ask her.
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