Nikon Raccoon (Mew form) by nikon

Nikon Raccoon (Mew form)


12 June 2014 at 03:18:30 MDT

Nikon Raccoon (Mew form)
None (feminine leaning)
6 inches

Art by gab gab

Character Name: Nikon Raccoon
Species: Mew Pokemorph
Gender: None (feminine leaning)
Fur Color: Light blue (shiny mew)
Hair Color: Dark blue, almost indigo
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 152mm/6in
Feet: Plantigrade
Distinguishing features: Glasses, Camera
Clothing: Blue dresses or a jean skirt and blue shirt. Sometimes even a silly floppy hat and shirts like one would get off
Jewelry: Pierced ears, pokeball masterball necklace.

Please remember to draw me with clothes.

Muck Description: The little six inch tall mew-morph smiles at you, floating. Ey has a cute rounded muzzle, eir large blue eyes shining brightly. Eir head is cat like and triangular. Nikon brushes eir dark blue hair from in front of eir eyes and glasses and pushes it behind eir. Ey has two triangular ears poking through eir hair atop eir head. Around eir neck is a master ball on a necklace. Nikon's tail is more then twice as long as ey is. It snakes around behind eir, ending in a blubed tip. Eir large feet look like a kangaroo rat's and have cute little pads. Ey doesn't walk on them much, preferring to float around from place to place.

My persona as a pokemon is that of a morphic mew. As always I love transformation and photography. And of course I'm still a microfur, but I don't let that get in the way of having fun. There are always things to do when you're a little pokemorph. I tend to hand out pokeball necklaces that turn folks into pokemorphs.

Please remember to draw me with clothes.

Nikon's Moves.
If restricted to 4; Psychic, Transform, Dragon Pulse, Thunderbolt.

If restricted to 6; will add Protect and Iron Tail.

If restricted to 8;, add Aura Sphere and Flash.

Flash can be upgrade to Flash Cannon, but the accuracy lowering is more useful.

All moves are in the move-set of a mew as of Gen 6. Transform, Psychic, and Aura Sphere are all moves learned by level up. Thunderbolt is TM24. Protect is TM17. Flash is TM70. Dragon Pulse and Iron Tail are both from the Move Tutor.

Nikon's level is unknown. They are at least level 45, due to Psychic and Aura Sphere. Normally Mew cannot learn Aura Sphere till level 100, but one of their partner pokemon is a Lucario, and in training between transform and seeing their friend's Aura Sphere, picked it up early.

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