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24 April 2014 at 10:11:54 MDT

Old As Balls
Female Identified
162 cm
Eldritch Abomination

Her name is Stella. She’s got a curious but subdued personality, a lot of appreciation for navy-related lolita fashion, and she’s actually an Eldritch Abomination researching mankind because she’s the rebellious teenager equivalent of a Lovecraftian being and therefore antagonises her family by caring about something they don’t find important. (By which I don’t mean that this is why teens find thing important that their families don’t - it’s just how it started out for Stella.)

When she first came to earth and tried to walk among people undetected she looked a lot like something straight from the Uncanny Valley. By now she has more practice and looks mostly normal. Maybe her skin is just a tad too smooth and her hair just a bit too perfect (every single hair has exactly the placement she wants it in, so no little imperfections like strands that overlap or such). She also gave up on trying to shape human feet because UGH what a bothersome shape! So her legs always look as if she was wearing tights above high-heels.

Her ideas of emotional reactions differ a bit from that of humans, so she looks deadpan, uninterested or even arrogant most of the time, even when she’s actually excited. And to be honest, she’s quite vain and a bit pretentious, so despite her curiosity she doesn’t always like to admit that she doesn’t know something. Just like she’s a bit awkward about friendships and relationships, because on one hand people are interesting and fascinating, on the other hand these are puny mortals how DARE they have power over her by easily being able to make happy or sad!

Life among mortals must be interesting to her because she’s basically floating around on a piece of dust in the Universe, yet she’s starting to experience everything happening on it as profound and important, and it’s totally boggling her mind.

Oh yeah and she totally never can keep track of the last name she made up for herself, so she keeps saying a different one everytime anyone asks.

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