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Leopard Gecko

Of course, this is still just first concept. I was going to upload Parsley's reference next, but everyone seems to like Felix when I tell them about him, so I guess I'll put up Felix's.

Little do they know that Felix is actually the last party member you get, so you'll be spending a good amount of the game without him. Anyways, here's the things you need to know to understand the background info:

  • Traducts are people who can channel magic. (coming from the latin word traductus which means passageway or transportation)
  • Society basically hates all Traducts and wants to murder all of them in order to "keep balance."
  • Traducts came out of a sudden outbreak of magic that collapsed society, forcing society to reform around the idea of wiping out all sources of magic.

Personality: A fan of dark humor, doesn't smile much, pretty pessimistic, but still tries his hardest to be tolerable and to help others out with problems

Appearance: Scars on the arms and under the left eye, wears his hoodie all the time, only takes it off when he needs to see something better. Keeps the hoodie slightly open for easy removal just in case, has rips at the feet of his jeans

Sexuality: Asexual

Background Info:

Felix the Leopard Gecko was never really quite the happy kid that everyone else seemed to be. His mother, who was a Traduct, was taken away by the Government when he was younger. Due to this, his father was the only one who raised him, but even then, his father had a difficult time getting over her death as well. With this perpetual state of loneliness and sadness, he didn’t really have anyone to look up to as a kid. Of course, he loved his dad. However, his dad was never able to provide for Felix like he wished he could.
With all of the sadness in his life, he started looking for other things to fill his desires. He was never able to really pick up on an instrument or make art, or even write, and he wasn’t good at making friends. However, when he was 14, he did discover that selling marijuana and crack cocaine made a lot of money. Becoming a dealer at 14, he started making more money, so he helped his dad in keeping food on the table, but his dad would always question him, so he usually stayed out of the house.
When he started dealing drugs, he first kept doing it for the money. Over time, he discovered that it also gave him a rush of excitement, doing it in the shadows, evading the cops. Obsessed with the rushes and feelings it gave him, he quickly became one of the town’s hugest drug dealers, while still managing to avoid the law.
Because of all of the rush and excitement he got caught up in, he was definitely in more than just a few fist fights. Being slashed across the face, paying his own hospital bills, scars were left all over him, but he didn’t seem to care. The feelings that he got from the deals were enough for him to ignore any pain that came his way.
The only thing that could stop his routines was the revolution. When the revolution broke out, he was 17. Finding out that his business basically meant nothing, he returned home, but just in time to witness his father being murdered at the hands of a Traduct who was part of the revolution. Running away as fast as possible, he had no one in life to turn to, so he got out of town, and started looking for something to do with his life.
With little to no cause for his life, he basically walked around until something would come along and kill him. However, he met a certain Chinese Water Dragon, and found that she was just looking for something to fill her life again as well. Sticking together because there was really nothing else to do, they set out to find their place in a broken world.

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