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23 January 2014 at 01:40:00 MST

1,299 (Adult)
2 ft 09 inches (not counting second head), 4 ft 5 inches (counting tail/second head)
45 lbs

A creature that I made up. The main head is an animal that is insectivorous but can only survive on the energy that insects provide for so long before it needs more. When that happens it uses it's cute looks to lure in unsuspecting animals and when that happens the second head uncurls and attacks and eats them. The second head doesn't need to sleep and when its master is resting it will keep watch to make sure it isn't snuck up on. The second head's eyes are non-functioning and are only for intimidation, however it has a sharp sense of smell and it's forked tongue is used to "taste" the air like a snake. If something unknown approaches from behind it will attack without hesitation. The only time it won't is if its main head knows the animal/person coming up behind it. The main head and second head can communicate telepathically and while the brain in the second head is tiny, it does sense emotions from its main head and will react appropriately based on them. The second head cannot speak full sentences and only communicates through primitive grunts and very few, simple words. The main body isn't very fast but it doesn't need to be when it eats insects and can lure its prey to it. The thick, blunt teeth on the main head are for rooting out insects in dirt and breaking into rotten wood to feast on the bugs within.

These creatures can live to be thousands of years old and it's very seldom that one dies of old age.

Azyr (Uh-zeer) is usually a happy-go-lucky and cute fellow. He usually walks around with a smile on his face. However, underneath this exterior is a demon... Azyr has an extremely short temper and won't hesitate in using his second head "Cuddles" to dish out punishment to those that he feels need it. Sometimes others don't know what they did wrong to upset the little guy since he seems so tiny and innocent but anything as simple as bumping into him without a "sorry" will set him off. Azyra firmly believes in manners and politeness and woe be to the one that isn't. At the end of the day though he can be an amiable and friendly guy to his friends, you just have to know what makes him tick.

Likes: Being petted, Being cuddles, Manners, Grubs, Cuddles, Playing
Dislikes: Rudeness, Stinkbugs, Getting angry, The cold

Art (c) Me
Azyr (c) Me

If you'd like to make one of these guys just let me know :3 I'm sure Azyr would like some friends <3

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