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Irviné Jade by Raimowola

Irviné Jade


Irviné Jade
4"8 ft
103.02 lbs
Gemstone Humanoid: Gaspeite Stone

Birthday: March 30th

Orientation: Homo

Status: Single

Upon his appearance, it's probably obvious that he is a very sassy person who loves to go wild, and loves to plan parties. He is quite wild person, and but he is really strong with morelike mental, but weak with physical. He is weak with his emotions too. He is a crybaby, but he always try to tough it up, and look cool. (More like Ribsgy you know, from Regular show? xD He is kinda like him, like to go wild, party but easy with his emotions, but he is a neat-freak. He lieks to clean-- so not exactly alike but it's right there. LOL

When he was born, his dad begun to despite him for no reason however his mother loves her own and only son dearly, Irviné. Irviné really hated his dad lots, and despite him so he turned into a strongly rebel child, always go against his father whatever he badmouth his mother. He is very protective of his mother, whatever his dad goes into rant angry more to put out on his mother. One day, until he was old enough, probably around 12 or 13 years old, he went rebel something that his dad finally snapped and beaten him up and threw him in middle of far away forest. So basically his dad kicked him out and went back to the mother. Irviné really hated to be all alone and left behind, but what choices do he have anyway. At first it was tough, since he had to live alone. When he gets a job and walk home at night, he often get stab or beaten up. He really hate getting treatment since it sting him lots and hate hospital because its lonely all by himself and getting treatment that sensitive hurt him and the smell of hospital. So he barely goes there and the same time, get hurts even more. Then he got older and start to become a known person who is popular for planned a great party. But he still get lots of scars around his body and still get hurt whatever he goes home because he is physically weakling.

He is kinda like a wizard, but he is honestly not a wizard. He just learn simple spells and do the magic with his hands only. Green magic, actually. His magic what comes out of his hand often sparkles and show glowing green weapons, or move thing with glowing green sparkling. Natural magic, but he really doesnt consider himself a warlock. He cant float or fly or anything like witch do, even wand, nope.

• Loud music
• Plan big party for teenagers
• Dance
• Singing
• Rapper
• Night Sky
• His mom
• Summer

• Get beaten up (lol he is a pussy xD)
• Going to hospital (he is afraid of hopsital e_e;; )
• See cop come barge into the parties
• Heat Dazzling Sun shine on him (he really hate heat xD)
• Winter

Arts, Irviné (c) Raimowola

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