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Alexander Amadeus Grey


7 January 2014 at 16:55:24 MST

Alexander Amadeus Grey
200 pounds–potentially infinite
Honduran white bat

Nickname(s): Alex, Grey
Briggs-Myers type: INTJ
Lives: Two bedroom end terrace, St Mary’s, The City
Occupation: cybernetics specialist, self-employed
Likes: cybernetics, robotics, astrophysics, fruit, ecology politics
Dislikes: anti-science movements, experiments that go wrong
Most likely superpower: Technomancy

Art by khato.


Alexander Grey is a competent, if lazy, scientist and intellectual. He’s generally relaxed and accepting, but can become annoyed and even aggressive if faced with anti- or pseudo-scientific doctrines (anti-vaxxers, astrology, creationists, etc.) He believes strongly in scientific advancement as being the driving force for global and personal improvement, which is why he submitted himself for cyborg conversion so early in the technology’s life.

He is a generally introverted person, maintaining a small group of friends. Although he has a healthy relationship with his coworkers he often chooses not to participate in social activities with them, preferring to spend the evenings either working or quietly relaxing in front of the television.

He commits to very little effort to good diet and exercise and is somewhat overweight because if it, however is otherwise healthy as his cyborg components keep his biology in check. Despite his love for science and technology, he often finds himself victim to it because of the age of his systems and the necessity that he tests so much of his work on himself.


Alex is a Honduran white bat with light grey fur colouration and darker grey highlights. He has medium length black hair, which is often fairly messy. He’s unusually short compared to most other people, a trait that often causes him issues.

He is an early build of a now obsolete type of cyborg, produced by a now liquidised company; he has used his knowledge of cybernetics to perform improvements and maintenance upon himself to try and stay up to date and in working order. These enhancements grant him physical limitations far in excess of others. He runs on custom firmware, written by himself.

He wears a large pair of computer goggles which are (seemingly) permanently affixed to his head. The lenses glow a muddy yellow colour. Other than the goggles he displays no outwards signs of being a cyborg.

Typically only wears black trousers, leaving the upper body uncovered. Additionally wears a lab coat (modified to allow for wings) when working.

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