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Lucien O. Gosselin by Cayman Went

Lucien O. Gosselin

Cayman Went

Lucien O. Gosselin
152 lbs.
Maned Wolf

(Lucien started off as a fursona and evolved into his own character as I used him for roleplay and eventually personal writing work. I wrote this description circa 2010. This picture was drawn by TheStory.)

Lucien O. Gosselin is an anthropomorphic Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus). Lucien is just over six feet tall, and has a very skinny frame. His gray arm sleeves reach up to his elbows, and his legs are gray to just below the knee. His most striking feature are his piercing, jade green eyes; exposing his innate sharpness and intellegence behind his awkward social facade. He has long, straight dark brown hair that reaches the middle of his back, though he does not style it or maintain it much beyond washing. He carries himself with a lack of poise and grace due to absentmindedness and minimal confidence. Fashion is not of great importance to Lucien, evident in his choice of simple earthtones in his attire. He favors button down shirts with tight jeans or corduroys with the occasional leather bracer or pendant if the mood strikes him. He usually wears black leather combat-style boots, paired with a high-collared side-zippered black coat in the winter.

Personality and Hobbies

Lucien has Asperger syndrome. Due to this condition, the subtleties of social contact are often lost to his interpretation. Additionally, he is often anxious about the state of the world and his inability to cope with reality. He comes across as awkward, distant, and often self-righteous due to his difficulty understanding the views and varied personalities of others. He does place pride in manners, mechanical though they might be for him. Never one to be rude, he'll gladly hold doors open and never forgets to say "thank you."

Lucien loves books and uses them as an escape from a world he doesn't entirely understand and doesn't quite fit into. He sometimes forgets to do essential things such as eating and sleeping when he gets caught up in a good book. Most surfaces of his cramped apartment are covered with a layer of literature, leaving little room to do much else besides eat and sleep. A significant portion of his paycheck goes to the upkeep of his collection, though rare and valuable books often end up in dusty stacks among cheap novels and outdated encyclopedias. Lucien also has a taste for literary erotica, particularly eighteenth-century French works. To him, a flowing, descriptive passage is much more arousing than any naked body or graphic image.

Lucien has a profound fixation on patterns, particularly those of language. Latin intrigues him, especially its influence on modern language. He often counts out syllables in words to discern their Latin roots, among other linguistic idiosyncrasies. A lifetime of reading with proportionally little spoken interaction leads Lucien to often pronounce difficult or unusual words incorrectly, though their meanings are not lost on him. Despite his intuition with language, he does not speak any foreign tongues.

Lucien is a competent cook, unsurprising as he often works shifts as a short-order chef in a cafe. Adventurous eating does not appeal to him, though; he will only eat mild, white foods with minimal seasoning. He has developed a palate for bourbons and brandies, though he indulges infrequently. He does, however, frequently smoke menthol cigarettes, up to a pack a day.

Lucien is bisexual, but his social inadequacies and unwillingness to place trust in most people impedes the possibility of a relationship with a partner of either gender.

History and Personal Life

As a toddler, Lucien was abandoned by his birth parents and placed in the care of his aunt, Amaline Gosselin (Maned Wolf) and his step-uncle, Radulf Lange (Eastern Wolf). He was raised by the two in a small farmhouse far outside of the city of Pandora. Both his aunt and his step-uncle were devout Catholics who attended Mass regularly and filled their home with religious iconography. Radulf, a German immigrant, was uneducated and prone to bouts of uncontrolled anger. Not understanding Lucien's condition and lacking any parenting skills whatsoever, Radulf regularly abused the boy as "punishment for his sin." He was also quick to strike his wife if she made any attempt to defend or protect him. Lucien was not allowed to attend school, and what little education he did recieve came from Amaline while Radulf was working. He never made any friends and had little social contact outside of church services.

One day, as Lucien was midway though his teenage years, Radulf returned home in a blind, drunken rage and set about destroying furniture and abusing Amaline. Lucien seized the opportunity to strike at his step-uncle with a statuette, rendering him unconscious. Terrified that he might have killed his guardian, Lucien fled from the house and hitchhiked his way to the city of Pandora.

For several years, Lucien lived homeless on the streets, scraping by on food salvaged from restaurant dumpsters and change given to him by pitying passerby. At one point, he became addicted to opiates, relying on the narcotic to release him from the hell of his existence. He withered physically, becoming emaciated and drawn out, as well as mentally, waiting for death to end his failed existence.

A turning point came when he broke into a cafe owned by Rajesh "Raj" Vadakkedath (Bengal Tiger) intending to raid the till to support his drug habit. The owner apprehended him mid-theft and locked the miserable canid into a storage closet to contain him. After a violent but brief protest, the ravages of detoxification set into Lucien, and Raj was forced to bring him to a hospital for emergency care. Seeing that Lucien's transgressions were acts of desperation rather than malice, the tiger chose to keep care of him during his detox, visiting him frequently and offering him the first support that he had ever received. When Lucien finally recovered from his detox, Raj offered him a choice: employment in his cafe or a visit to the courts. Naturally, Lucien accepted the former.

Rajesh set Lucien up with an apartment near his cafe owned by Madame Vadoma (European Badger), a personal friend and matron of the brothel downstairs. Lucien, confronted with kindness for the first time in his life, accepted with gratitude and promised to remain at work in the cafe. He started working as a waiter and short-order cook alongside Vincent "Vin" Celliano (South American River Otter), an overconfident Italian who frequently boasts about his prowess with the opposite sex despite little evidence to the support his claims. (Note: Vincent is the older brother of Anthony, a long-time friend of Khora's.) Lucien acclimated to the job well, proving himself to be skilled in preparing food and quickly tabulating checks. What portion of Lucien's pay that wasn't taken for rent or to repay his hospital bill was mostly spent on books, and he quickly became an avid collector. Content to be by himself, he spends most of his free time reading, so taken by the hobby that he never developed much interest in anything else. Thus he fell into a simple routine; he works to repay his debts by day and slips into the fantastic worlds provided by literature at night.

Character Information