Exploring a wicked world by Zyonji (critique requested)

Exploring a wicked world (critique requested)


31 January 2014 at 17:09:40 MST

The third and final peace of my very shor black and white childhood photo series. This one was for Moxiv on DeviantArt.

I wanted to make more of those, but it never worked out. This one is a little Moxiv. He is a wonderful character with a lot of back story and a whole fascinating world surrounding him. I'm really happy, that I could make at last one decent painting for Moxiv, she was always a very good friend to me. She went inactive just before I finished this drawing and I never heard from her again, since that. I hope she is doing well, and to see her again some day. The world she created for Moxiv is a fascinating place. I could spend all day listening to stories about it. There are all sorts of wicked thing, and everything makes sense and is interesting to listen to. I'm looking forward to the day, when I hear of it again (:

Moxiv © Moxiv

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