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The first love of a tiger. by Zyonji (critique requested)

The first love of a tiger. (critique requested)


This painting is based on an idea I originally planned to realize as a series of oil paintings. I wanted to paint this buck together with the tiger of my later painting, to contrast their different mindsets with each other. While working out the details of the oil painting, I stumbled across the abstract paintings of René Magritte and felt compelled to create a more abstract piece too. The original version was finished 2018-12-18 as a simple abstract painting and the current version was finished 2019-07-03 with about 60 hours spent painting it.

The deer in this painting is presented with distinctly masculine physical features while the posture and clothes convey a feminine character. The type of presentation itself is aimed to resemble the advertisement of food. This impression is supported by the assortment of vegetables in the background. The buck himself is looking directly at the viewer with an alert expression and body language conveying composure. I wanted it to be clear that he challenges you to assess him and that he isn’t afraid of your opinion.

This boldness is central to the character of this buck. He represents the desire to find a way to be oneself in society. It was important that he carries strong features of masculinity that allow him to dress feminine, without looking like a comedic dress up. The antlers of a deer proved optimal for this purpose. He defies cultural conventions without pushing against what’s permissible. He presents the courage of shouldering all responsibility that comes with being yourself without compromise.

If you’re interested in reading more about my thought processes behind other paintings I made, make sure to check my patreon , where I uploaded more of my older pieces with more in depth descriptions. (:

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