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A good mind is able to embrace a monster. by Zyonji (critique requested)

A good mind is able to embrace a monster. (critique requested)


I started this painting last month with the goal of conveying an experience. It seems to have worked out well. This is a painting I look at differently than what I usually create. I like it. There’s more in this than just a basic idea floating in a void. I tried to work on all the parts to convey the same message and wanted nothing to be just there to be just a stage for something else. I hope this is enough to inspire thoughts in others too. (:

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    Brilliant work as always! This has a lovely surreal quality to it which I really admire.

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      It is very kind of you to speak so highly of me. I hope I can keep on painting pictures that you can enjoy as much as this one. :D

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    Everything works towards the same message? That's neat - makes me want to examine each part closely.

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      There's so much to learn about how painting works. This abundance of symbols with the same messages is what makes a painting resonate with some people. If you just say something directly, it'll be superficial. Some day I hope to truly be able to show people how something feels through a single painting alone. (:

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        That does sound neat. ^^