There’s someone good for you to meet. by Zyonji (critique requested)

There’s someone good for you to meet. (critique requested)


16 August 2018 at 13:39:16 MDT

This is a painting for zue I made for fun. I went with a light occult aesthetic and of course added lot’s of jewelry as well. I hope you all go check Zue out. I like her art a lot already and now she’s learning how to get even better. It’s the perfect time to start watching! :D

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    I like how some of the background details work their way into the foreground - that's a neat idea.

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      You would be surprised how many of those background ideas I got completely accident. Like the darker off center border around it. Completely on accident, but looked great, so I kept it. :D

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    Without shading, the white symbol appears to clash with the rest of the painting; a glassy texture should look cool (maybe wood or metal too).

    Even with the horns appearing rushed, the rest looks fine.

    A cast shadow from that gold symbol is an idea but not necessary; it might take focus away from the subject.

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      I was trying to think of ways to cast some more interesting shades on her while painting, but never came to think of the halo as a possible source of the shadow. xP
      And yeah, seems like I forgot about the horns somewhere along the way. I maybe should have some more people take a look at my paintings before I post them. d:

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        I'm rather picky with my critique. If you wish, I can provide you with the service privately and timely for a fee and can set up an arrangement for payment.

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          I'm still not making any money with commissions, so I think I shouldn't spend extra money on my own paintings. thank you for the offer thought. (:

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    hell yess i'm so into it

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      Yes! I'm very happy that you like that aesthetic! :D