This time being hungry doesn’t make the dragon scary by Zyonji (critique requested)

This time being hungry doesn’t make the dragon scary (critique requested)


17 May 2018 at 14:10:53 MDT

I rolled some dice and Vogul ( ) won 1 hour of my time. One of the extra lucky friends in my series of commission examples. And he requested that I use that time to paint something cute. I hope all your hearts now melt for how cute this dragon is! >:D

There is a video for this one too:

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    Oh, would you look at that? My heart's melted.

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      Oh no! My hopes came true but I didn't consider the consequences! D:

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        Don't worry. Cuteness is enough to sustain me.

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          Good to hear. (x

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    Looks great. Adding scales or blending the shades should improve it a lot.

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      There are some shades I forgot to blend, that's true, but some hard edges in the shadows are fun. :D
      But with the scales I would disagree. Having a rough texture would change the character of the painting. Soft skin looks a lot cuter, so going in between with a dull skin to indicate the harness of scales while still giving soft optics seemed the best choice to me. Maybe some bumpiness would have worked here. but I think it would have created too much noise on a light body like this. d: