Hayden Lepik by Zykov

Hayden Lepik


22 December 2018 at 10:38:30 MST

Personality and life:
A smart leader, kind, confident, extroverted and criminally fluffy, but a little clingy and hard to keep up with; these are just a few words Hayden's friends would describe him with. Hayden is a 19 years old guy from California who loves swimming, computers and dreams of being a role model for all of those who are pressured by society to fit in roles and inspire them to be themselves. He and a couple of his friends run a group, or more of a sanctuary for people where they can feel safe as just the way they are. His dream is to one day go to college and get a degree for social work. That dream however is still far from reach since his mother isn't the wealthiest person out there and is barely making the ends meet, so he can't rely on her. He works as a delivery driver in order to reduce his college debt little by little.

Hayden grew up in a family with a mother, father and older brother Carnig in North Carolina. Their family was anything but perfect since Hayden's dad was a narcissistic gaslighter who saw his family as his property and wanted to "shape" his children to fit his ideals. He enforced toxic masculine teachings on his children and would only show conditional love and would punish them for whenever they were "being bitches". Carnig wanted to be an ideal son for their father but Hayden was always just putting on a show. He never felt like a masculine person and was much more in touch with his feminine side. His only sanctuary was his mother when she was picking him up from school. Those were the only times when he could let his true self and all of his emotions out. Hayden's brother however, always rejected his mother's kindness.

When Hayden was around 12 years old, his mother couldn't stand the way things were anymore. She kept collecting money and courage for months till she made a decision to take her children and flee to Cathedral City, California. She had to lie to Carnig that their father would come with them later. A couple months later they were informed that their father died in a car accident in Nevada.

In Hayden's new home he didn't have to be afraid anymore and was exposed to how different and colorful people can be. He could finally embrace his true self fully and as he got older, feminity became a big part of his identity, especially appearance-wise. He began fighting for breaking gender roles and against sexism. Carnig however, was furious when he found out his other lied to him and even more so when his dad died. He become angrier and more closed off as the years passed. Hayden has tried to get through to his brother but never managed to.

Hayden's big horns have always been something he's been self-conscious about, especially in middle school. On his first day a random class mate started calling him the Devil Boy and the nickname spread like a plague. He despised it for years, however during his first year in high school he met his future best friend Sara who called him the kindest devil there was. Ever since he hasn't payed attention to the nickname.

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