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Rija Aikio by Zykov

Rija Aikio


Rijá comes from a land of snow and ice where top-notch survival skills and wit are essential for thriving in such harsh environment. He represents a species Jiekna Gearpmas (Ekmas for short). Ekmas' live in cold areas and 95% of them are albinos with snow white skin. They are very sensitive to sunlight which is why they wear heavy clothing when entering an area where sun shines.

Personality-wise Rija is extremely short-tempered individual who, without hesitation, is ready to put down anyone who manages to tick his bad side. He is also quite honest to the level of brutality, not hiding his thoughts even in situations where someone is in a state of a meltdown, since he believes no one should live in a bubble because that’s when people are the most vulnerable. However, despite of being short-fused, he is by no means dumb. He always thinks of the best approach to take the ooponent down. He is also very loyal to those who he sees as his comrades and shows high compassion for them.

Rijá is an ice magic user and has a huge fascination for knives and even collects them. He also uses them in a battle by applying ice blades on them. His knives possesses different enchantments that can cause ailments like paralysis.

Art and character © Zykov

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