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Keira Odollam by Zykov

Keira Odollam


Keira is part of a nocturnal species called Lurkers who mostly live in dark caves and thrive at night. They are considered to be the lowest of all races since their culture highly cherishes and thrives on technology instead of magic, which is highly looked down upon. They also thrive on diet which would poison or kill other races like poisonous mushrooms or moldy bread. Mielic's who are considered to be the purest and divine race, are their natural enemies since they represent pureness and health, and they despise technology.

After her sister got a terminal illness she began devoting her life studying the biology and anatomy of different species (mainly Lurkers) in order to find a cure for her sister and developed her magic around parasites. She has control over millions of parasites that she can send inside someone's body to heal them or at least provide treatment. On the flip side she can also use them to cause diseases, poisonings or even death. She loves tinkering with tech and after losing her left wing in an accident she built her mechanical wing all by herself, even if that took quite a long time with just one arm.

Keira is a calm and collected individual who desires knowledge. Due to her curiosity and desire to learn she has become very intelligent over the years. She always look everything in critical angle and never jumps to conclusions before being 100% sure of her suspicions, however she can get really arrogant. Her behavior is very sophisticated and elegant, however her sense of humor is quite dark and it's not uncommon to hear her joking about things like death. Due to her being a Lurker she has been ignored and harassed throughout her life which has made her very reserved and shy but also quite emphatic. Despite many people being afraid of her she still looks out for people treated wrong and thinks no one is unworthy of help.

Character design and art © Zykov

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