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Are you copying, artist?

ML-based artist is the same as attribution laundering.

I'm not going to justify such illegal actions in any shape. People aware that it uses someone's works to make an output, but they don't provide what it uses for an output. I don't see any reason to make machine rights same or above human rights. Otherwise, I should consider you more as a fanatic.

In rare cases, they do provide, however, they (people who use generated outcome from any program) still need to prove that their work is substantially different from the original work(s) that inspired them, or they don't have any restrictions, otherwise people would consider they interfered with someone's rights. (I'm not a lawyer, do not consider my words like a legal advice etc. There are many specific cases when it's fully legal etc. and, probably, in your country, there are differences to such stuff)

It's disrespectful to see that people trying to justify etc. machine work from Machine Learning systems same/above a human intellectual property. It uses other human intellectual properties and doesn't require human work, and yet it avoids clarification of attribution. Machine Learning systems can't make expected results without necessary data (it doesn't matter how it stores or saves the data, it still uses the data).

I don't see benefit as a person to value human work less than a machine work when it comes to intellectual property. However, companies are happy to get money from this opportunity, much less hassle, cheaper for them than to deal with artist(s).

I want better protection for intellectual properties. Companies mostly abuse ML systems at the moment.

If you have some confusion about attribution, then I'd recommend you to read these:

I'd like to explain about Machine Learning etc., however it's very long complex topic with a lot of exceptions to their process, so I'd recommend you to watch these at least:

(I'm avoiding the word "AI", because lack of understanding/clearness doesn't make a machine/program intelligent. There are no proof of AI still and imitation isn't about intelligence)

Feel free to explain why Stable Diffusion, DALL E, Craiyon, Midjourney, starryai, Stablecog, DeepAI, CF Spark, WOMBO Dream, Artbreeder etc. are so different from my point. However, you're, probably, not a creator of those things.

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