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Pillow War - Patreon Vote Winner by Zummeng

Pillow War - Patreon Vote Winner


For some reason, I feel like I couldn't colour the image the way I really wanted. I wanted to try a slightly different colouring style (like in the Summer Snack picture with the shark girl on the beach), but unfortunately it didn't work out. Maybe next time! But it doesn't change the fact that I'm still very happy that you guys helped me realise this really silly, comical idea about the girls, and I hope you like it at least half as much as I do :D

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    Judging by Nora and Evie's expressions, Nora has taken out the Queen. For good xD
    Dear god this looks like fun. Also Water God (Alexander??) and Nigel peeping is hilarious :'D

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      Hold on, not Evie-
      I forgot Goat-Mom's name qwq This one isn't named Toriel, though - of that I'm sure xD

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        Gloria is the name you're looking for

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    Alma got either taken out or is ducking the rest of the melee. Though probably taken out. I love all the character put into each character, it's lovely!