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Tree of Life - Book 1 pg. 0. by Zummeng

Tree of Life - Book 1 pg. 0.


This is it guys, the day has finally come! The team is finally here, all grown up and stronger, to fight for the future and life of the planet. That's right, Tree of Life has now officially started outside of my Patreon too! I know there was already a quite lengthy prologue book, but I still can't tell you how excited I am, because this is finall the real thing, where everyone will finally be put together, and they will be finally interacting with each other :) I really hope you'll enjoy this story, because thanks to my Patreon supporters, and for everyone sharing my comics, one of my lifelong dreams just came true ^^

Every page will be published on my Patreon first, and only after 1 month will they be public.

If you want to chat with us on our Discord server, help us to make more original contents, like comics and pictures, or if you are interested in exclusive sketches, progressions, WIPs, PSD files, Q&As or monthly votes, Patreon exclusive streams and progress videos, and having access to all of our artworks 1 month before they get published, support us on Patreon! :)

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