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Chili's Vulcanic Spices [4k Wallpaper] - Patreon Vote Winner by Zummeng

Chili's Vulcanic Spices [4k Wallpaper] - Patreon Vote Winner


Originally this was a very narrow picture, but I made a promise on Patreon that if it wins the sketch vote, I'll turn it into a much wider 4k wallpaper :) I tried to add as many different details as I just could, and it was a lot of fun coming up with them :D I was thinking if I should put some customers or bystanders on the picture, but I think it's a lot more fun if the focus is completely on all the kinds of stuffs Chili sells :) I didn't intend to make it so detailed at first, I wanted to make it with a thicker line art, but that would have killed a lot of nice and cool details. And phew... the colouring was a lot more challenging than I expected, because I wanted to use as many colours as I just could, but without making the picture into an eye strain pigwash :D At the end, this picture was a lot harder to make than I expected. Because of all the details I made a lot of layers for both the lineart and the colours, so I could edit them easily when needed. It turned out to be a good idea, because I experimented a lot, but navigating between the layers was really tough. I had to fix a lot of small things too. Coming up with the background colour turned out to be challenging too, mainly because the picture has a lot of different colours. But choosing a darker background colour was the right choice, it is really beneficial because of all the small details it highlights. I think this one might be my most detailed picture yet, at least background wise. And this picture was a great practice too, because I want to make more pictures in the future where there are very few characters, and the things that surround them what matter :)

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    Like the pic a lot and would buy spices from them (loves hot spices/food). ^.^

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    Just tell people that the reason there's no customers is because nobody can stand to be within twenty feet of it or their eyes, nose, and throats start burning. :P With all those ground peppers there's sure to be some wafting through the air.

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    I am deeply disturbed by the abomination in the container behind her

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    So much details, this is awesome! o.o
    I´m sure about the Lamprocapnos spectabilis ref on the right and the green leafed plant behind I see as Hippophae rhamnoides... boah, imagine pepper so hot u can use it as fairy lights, no wonder - and thanks to her - that she thought about a fire extinguisher xD

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    This looks awesome!

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    Lol Chili and I have a common interest. Such a great picture, so much detail, really! She has a great expression as well!

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    "Spice levels: Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra-Hot, Smiling Buddha, Castle Bravo."