Hall of Ancients - Patreon Vote Winner [4k wallpaper] by Zummeng

Hall of Ancients - Patreon Vote Winner [4k wallpaper]


16 August 2020 at 03:40:56 MDT

Here it is guys, the last finished vote winner! It took me like twice the time as a regular vote winner, but I'll be honest, I'm really happy with the final version :) I still see a lot of things that could use some improvement, but I think that's the curse of huge pictures like these; you could work on them until the end of the world, but you'll still find a lot of things to add or improve. But again, I'm really proud of :) I loved working on all the leaves, and colors, and just coming up with all the small details.

And there is one more reason I enjoyed working on this one. This is the very first, big, kinda lore oriented picture about the Tree of Life world. The Hall of Ancients is such a unique place. It serves as a temple for the Tree of Life, as well as a gathering and conference room for the gods. But aside from these, it is also a graveyard for the greatest heroes who sacrificed their life for the world and for its people. And this hall is also directly connected to the house where Luna and her adopted daughter Mira live. And because of all that, this hall is also a classroom, and sometimes even a playground for the mischievous little Mira :D But Luna makes sure that the fallen heroes of this world will always be the part of Mira's everyday life, because she believes that these heroes love and sacrifice for others should never be forgotten.

Anyway, I hope you like it :) Feel free to download and use this picture as your background, because that was one reason I wanted to make it :)

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    This is fantastic! I can't stop looking at it and all the little details * o * Really great colours, too.

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    wow, this is beautiful!!