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Luna Refsheet by Zummeng

Luna Refsheet


16 January 2020 at 08:41:11 MST

So here she is guys, the Tree of Life herself :)

I always loved drawing horns and antlers, because they always looked to me like some kind of crown. And blue is especially one of my favorite colors. I adore characters and themes close to nature, and that's why I love drawing branches and leaves so much. So after all of this I'm sure you all know why Luna is one of my favorite characters. (Even though she didn't have as much "screen time" as much she would deserve...) I basically combined everything in her that relaxes me.

I think beside Rah'Jan, Luna's look changes the most over the years, because at the beginning she was nothing more than a magical tree. Later I thought turning the tree into an actual character is a lot more fun and interesting. Especially because there can be a lot more interaction with her, and gods could be a lot more human and personal. I wanted to make Luna a godess who are really close to people in every way, who is not untouchable, but the opposite: she lives with them, she understands them, but most importantly, she cares for all of them. Like they were her children.

Hope you like her! ^^

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    She's quite cute. <3