Jana'Rah, the heir of Rah'Jan - Patreon Vote Winner by Zummeng

Jana'Rah, the heir of Rah'Jan - Patreon Vote Winner


15 October 2019 at 08:57:52 MDT

So this one is a weird one. The original suggestion was about Lily, and how she would look if she would be Rah'Jan's daughter instead of Alex's. So this is how I started this whole picture, trying some new design for Lily. Then my thoughs kinda started to wander around. "Should I make here with a real, or a skull face? How much should he look like her original self? Maybe I should make her look older, so the features of the character would be more visible?" And at one point I just went crazy, and came up with a girl, who could be Rah'Jan's daughter. I went with a full tribal design, with a bit of demonic touch for the sake of the good old daddy. I hope you guys like it, because this picture really made my imagination fly :D And please don't jump to any conclusions yet. She is not part of any kind of story right now, I'm really just messing and playing around with her at the moment. So we'll see what the future holds for Jana :)

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    Got away from you a bit for sure haha. But its a fantastic piece, and you can easily see the father in her~