Prophecy pg. 0. by Zummeng

Prophecy pg. 0.


16 July 2018 at 08:01:04 MDT

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I'm happy to introduce my brand new erotic comic, Prophecy! Starring Shen and Zaphira, this will be a new romantic story, and I hope you'll like this comic even more than the previous ones :)
Next week I'll post the very first page here, but if you come to my Patreon, you'll be able to see the first TWO pages today! ;)

General infos:

  • Erotic comic. (+18)
  • Original characters.
  • Male X Female.
  • Fantasy theme.
  • Will be around 30-40 pages.
  • New page on every Monday.

Somewhere, in the middle of the Infinite Desert, in a once blooming city called Oasis, a nation is thirsting for salvation. It was never easy to live under the scorching sun, and as time passed, it has become even harder. But there’s an ancient prophecy, in which the people layed all their hopes. But what could this mistreious prophecy be all about? Will it be fulfilled? Or is the fate of Oasis sealed? Find out from this brand new erotic comic!

Every page will be published on my Patreon first, and only after 2 weeks will it be public.

If you want to help me to make more original contents, like comics and pictures, or if you are interrested in exclusive sketches, progressions, wips, PSD files, Q&As or monthly votes, Patreon exclusive streams and progress videos, and having access to all of my artworks 2 weeks before they get published, support me on Patreon! :)

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