Yamawaro - Onmyoji Contest Entry by Zummeng

Yamawaro - Onmyoji Contest Entry


10 June 2018 at 02:07:40 MDT

This was my entry for the Onmyoji fanart contest on DeviantArt :) Saddly, my work couldn't get into the 25 semi-finalists, but now I can safely upload and share it everywhere, and I'm happy about that too, because I'm pretty proud of this picture :)

I spent an awful lot of time thinking about which character should I choose to draw. I had like six characters I really loved, and had idea for a picture, but after a lot of consideration, I chose Yamawaro.
I loved that he's a cyclops, and I loved both his clothes and hammer. Everything on his design looked so close to nature.
I have to say this picture took me almost two weeks to finish, and it was really, REALLY exhausting... But I'm happy, because I think all the effort was worth it, I'm really proud how the final picture turned out :) And I love drawing leaves, so that part was kinda relaxing :D

Because of my work, and of a lot of everyday obligations I haven't drawn a single entry for a contest in the past few years. I liked the Onmyoji game, so when I saw this contest I thought this was a perfect chance to prove myself, and to push my limits.

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