Gift from the Water God pg. 32. END by Zummeng

Gift from the Water God pg. 32. END


23 May 2017 at 09:11:16 MDT

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Well, the time has come to say goodbye for this project. Goat mom has finally received the most precious gift from the Water God. I can’t belive I finished the whole comic!
The Gift from the Water God was the very first personal comic project that I finished. I feel so proud right now! I already started a lot of projects, but I’ve never finished them. But with this comic, I was thinking ahead :) I’m happy to say that everything went as I planned during the progress, and smaller and bigger difficulties didn’t keep me away from finishing the comic. One of the biggest driving forces was all the selfless help and support I’ve got from my Patreon supporters, and from my fans. Without you, I wouldn’t have able to do this first big milestone!

Now it’s about time to concentrate on the next comic I was planning to do :D Hope you all will like that too!

Oh, and by the way, if you want to get the whole comic in a PDF file, check my Patreon ;)

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    Aww... I was hoping it would end like this, makes me so happy.

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    Very beautiful story.

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    This was a deeply enjoyable comic! The ending is so very sweet and a great wrap-up to a fun story. You absolutely should be proud of yourself, what a fun project!

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      Thank you, I'm very happy to hear you think that way :)

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    Awwww... I hope to see some expansion on the relationship C:

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    Oh my lord that was so sweet! 8v8