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Alexander - God of Water by Zummeng

Alexander - God of Water


Alexander - God of Water

I could finally find a name for him! :> From now on, he is Alexander, Alex for his friends, or Blue Daddy :D

When I started the „Gift from the Water God” comic, the characters just came randomly, I haven’t made any reference sheets about them, I just made them up on the go. I made a reference sheet for the Water God, because I want to carry him over to another story. I started to work out his personality, what his role will be, and played a bit with his design.

Compared that he is the almighty ruler of water and rain, I imagined him as having a funny, colorful personality. I’m sure it won’t be a surprise for those who have seen the Water God comic, that Alex is quite a womanizer in that other story too. He’s always staring at the girls’ pretty parts, and he’s always bothering them in the most inappropriate moments. He just can’t hold himself back, and that’s why his efforts are usually rewarded with a few slaps in the face. Just because he’s a god, not every woman wants to lay with him :D There is actually a sad reason why he’s always trying to get his hands on every woman he sees, but that’s another story ;) He’s much more than first meets the eye.

This reference sheet is not definitive or complete yet. But it’s good for a start, right? Anything can change. I hope you like Alex so far! :>

A few detailes about Alex:

  • His tentacles move based on his mood.
  • He can sing pretty well, and because he’s a little uppish, he sings songs bards made of his heroic deeds.
  • He likes to smile on others, showing his sawlike teeth.
  • He’s a father-like person. He’s usually behaving protectively with everyone, especially with his beloved ones. That’s where the “Blue Daddy” nickname comes from.
  • He’s not always taken seriously as a god.

That’s all about him for now. I hope you like him, and I hope I can make a bit of a progress with the other characters too in the near future! ^^


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    I was hoping you'd keep this guy as an actual character ;3; I just love his design overall! How tall is he compared to others?

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      Well, I haven't done too many pictures of the other characters in that upcoming story, but he is quite tall, maybe the tallest of them.

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    I have found him!
    I did not expected to find more art of him let along a full reference and description here on Weasyl.

    I will definitely make fan art of him in the future if that is okay. :)