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Drama Slayer by Zotz

Drama Slayer


I indulged in some personal art this weekend. Jax and bf 1 (of 2), Ven.

Jax is my own Doom Slayer OC. It's just something I enjoy, and it spawned out of a weird fantasy I had. That Darkslayer666 helped enable xD And yeah, Ven is def highly inspired from DMC Dante. (his brother Roa is heavily inspired by Vergil).

This is just stuff that...comforts me? I can't explain it. But I ain't makin' money offa them, ain't sellin' them, and sure as hell ain't stamping a weird closed species stamp on them x'D As if...I even could??

Anyways, if this stuff bothers ya, feel free to look away :D Cuz there will be more in between my commissions >w>