The Island of Horsekenstein Bride -- Comic by ZorroRe

The Island of Horsekenstein Bride -- Comic


14 February 2018 at 13:09:03 MST

I did this short comic for a horror comic contest for a comicCon´ here in my city a year ago, the time to submit it coincided with the death of my father, so I couldn´ t finish it on time.
Its almost finished only needed some corrections a few minor changes and some polish but I tought it could be a good idea to upload it on my Patreon for Halloween.
Its quite a dark comic, really gore, black humor and extremelly depicted horror scenes. Its done in the classic style, shots, P.O.Vs and narrative of the old and classic Universal Studios horror movies.
Also, at the time I did this, I used Gene Wilder as reference for the character as an homage and sort of parody of the classic Mel Brooks film "Young Frankenstein". a year later Gene past away. so please dont take this as an insult, it was an homage to a great actor and a great movie ^^

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