New Sketchbook - New and snarly Tales! by Zookie

New Sketchbook - New and snarly Tales!


14 August 2018 at 14:54:14 MDT

Yes, I brought this Sketchbook as a little brother for my big Sketchbook and I love it! I hope it helps me to improve my art and getting faster and more "messy" with my Sketches because I like that more. 1 Drawing per Day-Challenge incoming!

Of course I had to decorate the first page with a snarly jet cute Opossum c:

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    This is so cool! I can't believe you'd consider this "messy"
    What kind of markers did you use for this? I've never seen that brand and your coloring looks beautifully even and consistent

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      Thank you so much for your kind words! I only used Posca Markers for that, the ones you see on the picture and you can find them on Amazon in different sizes and colors. You can't really blend them that well but you can draw on any surface and the colors are very robust and water-proof :) I really like to draw with them, you should try!

      Normally my artwork, especially my lines are very clean and accurate. That is not a bad thing but It always takes forever, I'm a little perfectionist :D With this Sketchbook I want to try work a bit different than before.

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        Oh I see, it is a paint marker! I have never used or seen a paint marker used before! They seem very useful, I might have to give it a try :0
        Do they bleed through the other side of the paper? Like is the ink heavy and runny or is it easy to control like a regular marker?
        Besides paper, what other things have you drawn on with a posca marker? Have you tried glass?

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          No they don't bleed at all and it is easy to control for me, maybe you need a bit of practise c:
          I only draw on paper with them but when you believe the producer of the pens than you can draw with them on any surface, even glass. I saw people draw with them on gameboys and you can play with them after that, the color keeps stick on the surface.

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            That is awesome, thanks for answering my questions! I'll get my hands on some paint markers and give them a try! :D