Heyo, uhh, so dis is a Weasyl page.
I wont be doing much here tbh, I'll mainly just be using this account for commenting and looking at other ppls art ^^'

But anyway, I should introduce meself!
I'm Zonerz, but most people call me either Zone or Riss; I dont mind either one owo

I'm an artist but mainly do it as a hobby
I'm a big fan of
-FNAF (Five Night's at Freddy's)
-Gravity Falls
-Ninjago (not so much but I still like it)

I've been drawing digital art for the past 3 years ((although I just got my tablet about a year and a half ago, before that I used a mouse, bases and MS Paint.. Those were dark and embarrassing times for me))
I use the program Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 7 (Get it it's amazing guys srsly .o. Worth the money)

Oh and I'm working on making a comic. I dont have any of the pages done at this point, or a finished script.. BUT ITS GETTING THERE! XD

Anyways tho, like I said earlier I wont really be posting here much, I may post my comic pages here, maybe a doodle or two every once in awhile, but otherwise not really much going on here

I'm mainly active on my tumblr and Deviantart, so if you have something important to tell me, tell me on there!! Cuz I wont be here much .3.

And wow! I actually wrote a decent bio for once..! That is weird, um anyway XD
I love to talk to ppl so dont be afraid to say something!! ^u^
And as long as you're nice to me and my friends, I'll be nice to you !!~ ^w^

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I forgot I had an account here wh o o ps

on 6 June 2017 at 17:52:45 MDT

I hope ur all ready for a huge flow of art that I've made over the last 2 years---

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