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Hi there! I'm just a programmer from Mexico who likes to draw as a hobby, although I sometimes wish I was good enough to have a job related to it.

I don't draw much, but I hope you like the few drawings I might post here in the future.

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I feel like I haven't drawn in a while

Even though I've been doing a few commissions and drawing my characters a bit, I feel really rusty when it comes to drawing. I feel like I need to relearn drawing anatomy and proportions. I have trouble coming up with new stuff and I feel like a lot of my drawings feel kinda stiff.

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    thank you for the watch!

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      You're welcome! :3

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      Holas! =D Ya no te he visto online, creo que ya no te tengo en mi lista desde que uso Skype? >_>
      Pasame tu info plz :>

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    Your art is cute. Love your Pikachu boy! <3
    What do you think of my art?

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      Thank you! I'm glad you like him n.n
      I think your art is really cute! I like how you color latex, your character sheet looks adorable <3 and I really like that you put backgrounds on your drawings X3

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    Thanks for watching my gallery! :3

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    Thanks for the follow!