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Zoe as Nikko's Four Species by ZoeWolf95

Zoe as Nikko's Four Species


I asked before I did this x3

I wanted to draw my fursona Zoe as a few of Nikko's species .w. Since my fursona shapeshifts into creatures, plus I was curious how she'd look xD I picked a few species I personally love, even though I love a lot (I don't tend to comment about it though ;o; Shyness and stuff)

  1. Pilumdracio
  2. Coboko
  3. Vine Sprite
  4. Racklet

I think my personal favourite of Zoe's forms is the racklet but I think it's because she's putting on a cute silly face xD

I may have tried to get my facial structure on the vine sprite and added the dimples I get when I smile .3.

Art & Zoe (c) Me
Species (c) Nikkoleon on DeviantArt

For those who are new and wondering what Zoe's original form is, she's a red wolf (canis rufus) |3 And I didn't add her Scottish collar on this time .-.