Betta Dragon Booful! by Zoetrooper (critique requested)

Betta Dragon Booful! (critique requested)


29 January 2013 at 10:42:04 MST

Coloured version of my Betta Dragon. :/ I see my silly fish now, swimming about his tank like a crazy face.

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    What an interesting concept... I can imagine him swimming around in some royal's huge fish pond in their garden; it'd have to be a heck of a huge fishtank for him to fit! xD

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      Hey! If I could get a monster dragon betta fish tank I would totally keep one. Even though it would probably just want to fight me.

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        No doubt about that, he'd be cool to watch, if not a bit dangerous. xP

        Would probably have to feed him whole cows every day, so he'd be pretty pricy too..

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    So, yesterday I looked at this for a little while because I was checking out the details and in my mind I was saying "kinda looks like betta cheeks" ...and then I actually scrolled down to read the name of the piece and the description. Derp. lol but at least I was able to gather that without that stuff, right?

    Anyway, I like the design. I think he's pretty cool lookin. I can definitely see the betta parts and what looks like mix with eastern dragon I'm guessing.

    If that's a horn on his head and not a fin....that would be pretty awesome, especially when trying to avoid those teeth...y'know, just pick him up by his little horn and avoid being called stumpy for the rest of your life. If he's even that tiny to pick up anyway o.O.

    I would really like to see some more dragons from you :D

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    This is a beaut, oh yes. I don't know if we could really deal with giant creepy betta beasts hungry monstery as they get that would be quite the issue at feeding time! TheFish and Sovereign would just BE THE WORST.

    BUT seriously, I really like your take on the dragon betta design. I've seen a few but some are kinda blah and just look like Lung dragons with betta colors. The fact you kept his face intact with the big under bite fun time is a big plus. But you know this already. :P