Glaze at Everfree Encore 2019 by Zita

Glaze at Everfree Encore 2019


17 July 2019 at 12:57:06 MDT

The anouncment poster I made for Glaze, aka WoodenToaster, who will be a guest at this years Everfree Encore! :)

The Everfree Encore is a music festival organized by Bronies for Bronies and general fans of the Series ‘My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic’, taking place September 13th to 15th 2019 at Hof Steimke near Uslar, Germany. Focussing on live performances of international Brony musicians, Everfree Encore also hosts small panels and supporting programmes made by our community guests and panelists as well as dealers to get your bags stuffed with merchandise! The event is all about having fun and partying together in a rustic and cozy venue.

If you're interested in attending and seeing Glaze live, along with some other sweet bands and DJs, check out their website for further information:

Artwork done with Photoshop, Intuos3 tablet, ProCreate, iPad and Wacom Creative Stylus 2.