Epic Tale pt. 1 by Zipps

Epic Tale pt. 1


7 July 2016 at 06:31:53 MDT

So! Anybody else remember that really awesome 'characters for an epic tale' poster that floats around the internet? (The original is by Tom Gauld, you can check out his website here but sadly the print is all sold out.)

A really REALLY long time ago, I looked at that print and thought 'hey, I have a crapton of characters. I wonder if I have one for each of these?' so I copied down everything featured on the poster, then went about placing names to each archetype to see just how many I'd covered. Lo and behold, there were only a handful I didn't already have and those were interesting enough to make. So, of course, I decided to draw them all. I got about ten in before for one reason or another I stopped, but it was good fun and I still have the list from back in the day.

Well, looking at that art it's pretty trash, but I still love the idea. So I'm attempting it again!

I dunno when I'll have these out but it's just a fun idea, hopefully I'll be able to do a group every couple days but it does tax my thumb a bit to do a bunch all at once like this. Four down, fifty six to go X3

If you think this is a rad idea, let me know and TOTALLY do it yourself! I take no credit for the idea, it's all the awesome print that inspired it, but if you do feel like doing it I absolutely want links so I can follow along and keep motivated to do more! (nobody mention the two dinosaur drawings I did, I have my reasons >.>)

Also, if you want to know more about these characters, let me know and I'll add in a little blurb about each <3. They're all pretty close to my heart, but some I could DEFINITELY go on about for hours...

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    Awesome poster! It would be a great resource when it comes time for practicing different characters. Really love how you incorporated your own characters to it. The floating skull is really cool.

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      Thanks! I'll admit, the skull is the one I know the LEAST about in this lineup... but I think it's better that way. Kind of a mysterious figure, and just a little bit sad I think. Maybe someday I'll know more about it.