Adoptable Satyr Pair #1 by Zipps

Adoptable Satyr Pair #1


25 June 2016 at 16:22:49 MDT

I had fun drawing a whole TON of satyrs today, and they all come in pairs~ Some of them are matching, some have little things in common like these two, and others seem like REAL odd couples, so who knows what their relationships are? Also, as you can tell, each pair is going to be from the same family of ungulates! When drawing them it seemed a shame to be forced to split them up, so I'm doing a special deal!

For all of these satyr adoptable sets, each individual satyr will be 20 dollars, but if you buy the pair they're just 35! There'll be more available in the future, so if you like the idea but don't like these two, just wait, or feel free to suggest an ungulate you'd like to see, I LOVE taking adoptable requests! (note, if you request one, it does NOT guarantee you'll own it, but I'll put it on hold at least until you've seen it for you to decide if you'd like to buy it!)

Takin ♀- OPEN 20$
Dwarf Blue Sheep ♂- OPEN 20$

Just 35$ if bought as a pair!

You can check my commission sheet to see my TOS and all that good stuff <3

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