Feed My Cats Sale! 50% off all commissions! by Zipps

Feed My Cats Sale! 50% off all commissions!


17 June 2016 at 16:44:32 MDT

I'll spare you the pity party because I'm not looking for that, but I need to make some money to get chickenz in these fuzzy tummies, so I'm starting a HUGE sale!

ALL commissions are half price! Sketches for 5 dollars, linearts/flat colors for 12, fully rendered shading for 17! NSFW and (minor) LEWD fees are waived, and all other fees will be subject to discounts! Contact me to find out just how much, as for everything else I'm playing it by ear! I don't currently have a limit as to how many commissions I'm going to take on for this sale, so even if a bunch of people have already commented don't hesitate to drop me a line!

I'm also taking requests for sets of adopts, and will be willing to negotiate cheaper prices on my existing ones if you were hesitant before! It's a crazy blowout!

Thanks for your time!

Side note, Dusty isn't actually that small, he just doesn't get along with the other cats so much so he sticks to himself. He's an angry old man.

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