[YGO Limerenceshipping] *glomps joey XD* by ZiktorGrimlord

[YGO Limerenceshipping] *glomps joey XD*


29 December 2018 at 16:17:20 MST

“you just like me?...." she stares down at the floor taking her head off of your shoulder

Your POV

sigh Because I really love you...." you confess.A tear rolls down your cheek.You look up at him he's staring at you with his choclatey brown eyes "hey don't cry...i love you too" he confesses wioth a smile.“

You Always Find A Way To Make Me Smile {Joey Wheeler} aka that fanfic I wrote when I was 12

a sketch i had laying around for a while and just finished the other day. jaycelynn, my oc, will always dress like an emo 12 year old (or prep) in 2006 no matter how many times i might revamp her

Joey Wheeler / Katsuya Jounouchi, YuGiOh (c) Kazuki Takahashi, Shounen Jump, Shueisha
Jaycelynn Trudeau (c) MEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ikeda Shoujo Manga Brush ----> Elbereth-de-Lioncour