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The Whirling Infinite by Zikaur

The Whirling Infinite


The music that inspired the image > <

"Dangerously lost without food, drinkable water or clothing completely suited for the situation, Zikaur finds herself on a hostile planet overthrown by a seemingly infinite winter.

Attempting to find her way through the snowstorm via radar, the last means of finding her way she has, she relies not on her eyes to look around her but her screen. Trudging through the night and attempting to sleep during the day, she hopes to avoid snow blindness this way and eventually find her colleagues aboard the ship."

Image and Zikaur (c) myself, 2013

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Visual / Digital


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    Excellent piece here. Love the isolation tone this image exudes as well as the coloring and light effect of the subject's wrist computer.

    I'd love to see more work from you in the same vein as this, Quiet Time, and I'll Keep You Warm. You have a real talent for making compelling work that you should really take advantage of. But that's just the opinion of one fan. :)

    Keep up the great work.

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      Thank you so much for your fantastic comment, it absolutely brightened my day. :3

      I´d personally love to make more work like this, but due to the amount of time gone into pieces like this I´m afraid it´s too expensive for most people. Though I am taking the time to produce works like these for myself. They are definitely something I want to keep working towards and keep myself busy with. Expect to see more of these kinds of works, though there will be some time in between the pieces.

      Thank you once again.

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        Oh I'm sure they are. With the amount of detail you're putting into stuff like this you're totally justified with having a higher price range for something along these lines.

        But yeah if you do some more personal work like this, as I mentioned I'd love to see it.

        You're welcome for the comment and I'm glad I could bring some cheer your way. :D