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Strange god: Mirabilis by Brevis_art by Zigzak

Strange god: Mirabilis by Brevis_art


A wonderful YCH by Brevis_art, who was kind enough to aid in creating a new, rather superhero-like design for Mirabilis. This does not replace the other version of Mirabilis and is a 'level-up' of sorts, and when in this mode Mirabilis is more powerful.

Artist's submission:
My FA submission:

I might give a bit of background to this character here. Mirabilis is sort of a fantasy/scifi version of me, only I haven't written any of it down. In this universe I spend a lot of time fighting very powerful, demonic beings called tide demons. When things get a bit too tough, Strange god: Mirabilis will emerge, complete with a less powerful, but more controlled (and safe to use) version of the planet-busting strange matter attack that regular me has at my disposal (though can't use for fear of destroying a planet). Also, my breath attack and control over lightning are amplified, and I have the gauntlet seen in the picture is at my disposal.

In this universe, the most powerful dragons are given informal titles that class them as deities, based on their abilities. Hence the title 'Strange God' here. Though, this is not exactly consensual.

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