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Femborg IN YA [NON-VHS] FACE! by Zigg-Zapp



3 March 2016 at 13:54:26 MST

Heya hunnies!!

I-I'll just be a moment, I gotta butt smush a baddie!



Hehe, that a'll learn 'em! Hehe!

So dude, I am still adjusting to my sexy new robo-femborg body!

I'm like, still not giddy about the whole, being turned into like, a machine thing BUT!

A bod like this dose have its advantages... well... it dose now!

Ya see hunnies, given my super powered 40Kb brain I can now upload information directly to my thinking noodle via the floppy drive in my arm, its real cool! I don't need to waste time on READING I can just learn right off the bat! The scientist dude who made me has a box of disks full of info, he did warn me that a couple of them are personality disks and if I insert one of them my like, personality will change but like, dude, that's not happened yet and hopefully it never will and no one will ever use that against me when I am on a mission!


T0uCh w00d!=H3h3h3h3!!

S00000_one of those disks had some info on basic R0B0TICS and 3NGINEERING, so I used that info to make some... MOD_IFI_CATIONS to my body!

I added a... H3SITANT_NOISE... pump to my body!...

Dude! I didn't do it cause I have a thing for big rumps and inflation! N000000000!

I did it because I.... 33rrr.... AH!! Its incase I... I fall off something big and need something to break my fall! Ya know absorb the impact! Like the air bags in a car!

Plus it dose give me a fine rear to use as a battering ram for when I need to knock down some doors!



Naturally I may have some... bugs in the system... oh boy... if only I had someone to test out my femboi robo-balloon body with!

Hmm... probably need a multitude of results too! So one person may not be enough...

If only there where some people like that out there... SIGH... sadly ol' Fem-Zig dosn't have many fans... and I fear my ROBOSELF may spook people more... 0H D34R!!... S0B S0B!!


A dumb silly idea from a dumb silly blimp butt!

I hope you like it!!