We're okay, right? by Zidigo

We're okay, right?


23 October 2017 at 16:57:33 MDT

"Yeah, of course we are."

Arawn got hurt and chained up once by bad (good) people and Faunus never really got over it.

Faunus and Arawn are brothers, despite their long beautiful~ hair. Faunus braids Arawn’s hair all the time because he’s restless and gets anxiety and busying his hands helps, and Arawn lets him because otherwise sometimes Faun cries and it’s hard to get him to stop. Arawn doesn't know how to do any of that fancy stuff so he just threw Faun's hair into a bun when he was fussing with it.

Faun still gets scared sometimes, but Arawn is patient and protective and even if things went a little wrong once, he’s always been there and always will be and Faun knows that.

Somewhere on Deviantart once I uploaded the version of these two I drew when I was ~12, and I spent like an hour scouring around for it before I saw that stupid “view archived old deviations by upgrading to Core!” and realized I was wasting my time.

I'll do more bio stuff with them someday when I upload more of them. They're my sweet babies.

Personal art - Faunus and Arawn belong to me

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